The "selfies" part of the title deserves some explanation, I admit.   So let me see if I can clear it up below, but this is VERY cool

Red Rose Of Saturn
photo from Getty Images
But they had this all planned out.  According to the NASA website, they put out the call to people all over the world to take "selfies" and post them at the same time that the spacecraft was taking the picture up there, and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter etc.  The result?   They compiled 1400 photos into this montage, and I guess you can zoom in on it too.  Who had the imagination to do something like THAT?  Could you imagine handing this in as your science project in school?
screen shot nasa selfie montage
Here's another bit of coverage on this story from
Trade your trusty iPhone 5 in.  I guess it's a given that there will be yet another new gizmo announced in September (the 10th to be exact).  It'll probably be the iPhone 5s, but whatever they call it, you will be able to trade in your old one right to Apple (can't do it yet, mind you).  According to Forbes though, you can start trading it in now, but you don't have to physically trade it in until after the new one is announced, like early October.  However, you only get store credit at Apple.  There are other sites like Gazelle that will give you actual cash though , like Gazelle. ( never used it myself).
So get that new phone so you can take more and better selfies of your self that can be seen all over the world and even out of this world!

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