So it seems the N.F.L. is the latest victim of a frivolous lawsuit. But in the end we are all victims of these ridiculous claims of "pain and suffering" by people and lawyers looking to make an easy buck.  Of course there are times when there is clear neglect by a company or person and that has to be handled for  the most part through our court system.  And when found that someone should be liable for damages to another,  a fair settlement should be reached.  Somehow this principle of fairness has been so blown out of proportion that we as citizens find ourselves paying higher prices for just about everything from medical services to auto insurance to goods and services.

Take this newest law suit by some fans against the N.F.L.  As you probably have heard, there some ticket holders to this years Superbowl did not get to have their seats.  A section or two in the stadium that they had hoped would be ready for game time , were not.  And a few of the seats did not have a sufficient view of the jumbo tron.  I do realize as a fan who had tickets to the game, this would make me angry.  Especially if I were a avid fan of one of the teams in the game.  However, I thought that the N.F.L. went out of it's way to accommodate these fans and made more than a generous offer to make up for the mistake.  Each of the 400 fans that were effected received triple the ticket value for their seats $2400 dollars.  They also get tickets to any Superbowl of their choice in the future, including hotel and airfare.  How is this not fair?  Was there really that much "pain and suffering"?  These fans still got to watch the Superbowl on big screen TV's and have the entire thing catered with free food and drink.  If I go to a movie theater and the projector breaks, I expect my money back, period.  Stuff happens.  If they offered me triple my ticket price, free tickets to any other movie I wanted to see in the future and they would pay for my gas and babysitter.  I'd consider myself lucky.  And I'd praise them for their efforts.

The worst part of a suit like this is it will somehow cost us all more money.  Maybe higher ticket prices to pay for the "event insurance"  which will now skyrocket for this and any other events if these people win.  This is a joke lawsuit, brought on by the sheer greed of a few people and lawyers who see this billion dollar industry as easy money because the N.F.L. would probably more likely settle out of court for an exorbitant amount of money than deal with the possible negative publicity.

The solution to these lawsuits is easy.  I say if you want to sue someone or a company than fine. But if you go to court and you loose your case you ( the plaintiff) and your legal representation have to pay 20 percent of the money you were asking for back to the defendant for their time, and their "pain and suffering".  That way if you hold the plaintiff and their legal council liable monetarily, the only lawsuits filed will be ones that make sense, and ask for a reasonable amount of damages.

God Bless.

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