Morgan Wallen is on the fast track to stardom with his smash hit Up Down, as well as being on tour with Luke Bryan.  Backstage before Morgan Wallen performed Sunday night at SPAC, Chrissy and I talked to him about how Luke recently made it possible for him to Facetime with his boyhood idol Peyton Manning.  But once the phone call was over, the real fun began.  Luke was having a blast pranking the young star, while Wallen was freaking the heck out!  Watch the interview and hear the hilarious story unfold here.

Luke Bryan has a great sense of humor but when he talks and tells stories, it's not like he's really even trying to be funny.  He just oozes so much personality - and after talking to him for a few minutes - it's obvious why he's the mega-star that he is.  He's also a really good dude, and takes care of a lot of the young country stars in the industry, especially the one's he brings on the road with him.


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