If you have a dog, or any pet really, you know they're family so when your pet gets lost it's devastating. That happened with Rosie but instead of just getting lost, she jumped into the Great Sacandaga.

Rosie, a Siberian Husky, loves to chase things, especially ducks, which is what got her in trouble the other night. News 10 ABC is reporting that Rosie and her owner Scott Crewell were on their boat in the dark. Rosie was wet so he took off her life jacket for the ride back to dry her, and that's when Rosie saw a duck.

As quickly as Rosie jumped off of the boat, Scott lost sight of her. He was listening for the ducks and kept searching throughout the night, past daybreak. Scott reached out to his friend, Steve Caporizzo, to post about it on his Pet Connection page while they kept looking. What he didn't realize was that Rosie was a better swimmer than he thought.

Rosie swam for a total of five miles before hitting the shortline. Luckily, a fisherman saw the post, saw the exhausted Rosie and eventually helped reunite her with her owner. Aside from some eye irritation, Rosie was fine, but couldn't wait for a nap. This showed Scott, as well as the rest of us I'm sure, the importance of life vests for pets. Hopefully, though, she won't encounter anymore ducks while out on the water and will stay in the boat.

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