It's always a surprise when I head to News10 ABC, I never know what kind of animal Steve Caporizzo will have for Wednesday's Pet Connection and this time, not only did the animal make me smile but so did his name.

Three year old David Hasselhop came to the Mohawk Humane Society because of his past living situation. David was living with way too many other animals and not being as well cared for as he deserved. Now, we're hoping he gets the proper love and attention that every animal deserves. The Mohawk Humane Society took care of any infection in David's ears and now he's ready to be your pet.

Since David had previously lived with many different kinds of animals so he would be fine in households with other small animals like birds or hamsters. David was very well-mannered and just wanted to be in your lap. Bunnies are great first pets for children to teach them responsibility, if that's the type of animal you're looking for.

If you're interested in bringing home David Hasselhop, reach out to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society 518-434-8128. If you have a chance, take a ride out there because they've just opened their brand new beautiful facility as well.

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