We made Pet Connection history today! Every week, I feature the animal that Steve Caporizzo will be talking about on Wednesday. These week's animals is a first!

Thinking back into the archives of Pet Connection, Caporizzo can't remember featuring a guinea pig- until now! Scooter and Mr. Nibs are 2 and a half year guinea pigs. They came from the same litter so they're brothers who the Berkshire Humane Society said that they'd like to keep together.

The guinea pigs did nothing wrong, their owner was just unable to take care of them. They're the cutest little pets that would be perfect for a child who can handle a little bit a responsiblity. They're close and love to snuggle with each other. They also qualify for the buddy program so keep them together, they're better with friends. If you get both guinea pigs at the same time, there's a discount!

If you're interested in these adorable guinea pigs for your family, contact the Berkshire Humane Society at 413-447-7878.

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