I know I'm not alone with my irrational fear. But, after yesterday, my fear is that I'm really not alone and a clown is in the room with me. It's dumb, maybe, but it's the truth.

I've had this fear since I was a kid. I personally blame Jack Nicholson.

It's his fault.

He was just too good as the Joker in "Batman." As a 6-year old, it was just too much for me to handle. Next thing my parents knew, I thought the Joker was outside my bedroom window, even though my bedroom was on the second floor of the house. Maybe Inspector Gadget let him borrow his go-go gadget legs? I don't know. What I did know is that dude was outside my window and I needed my Mommy!

Flash forward to October of 2006, at the age of 23 I was living in Nebraska and enjoying my first full time radio job. I was set up at an orchard where, of course, there were plenty of Halloween activities going on, including a haunted house.

Courtesy of Matt Cardy, Getty Images.

The morning show producer insisted I go through this haunted house with him, which I hesitated but obliged. While we were walking through, it turns out there was a clown room. I made it through without a problem, until my friend decided to tell the clown I had a fear. Dumb decisions were made next. The clown followed us out of the room and I caught him in my peripheral vision and well, I may have punched the clown in the face.

It's not my fault! HE FOLLOWED ME!

I've done charity events and raised money to "face" my fear before (please note it was to face and not "get over") but the fear is still strong. So, when these stories started popping up down south of clowns randomly hanging out by the woods and scaring people, I wasn't exactly thrilled. I was really hoping they wouldn't make their way here. Then yesterday happened.

Of course, anyone in my life that actually knows me, knows I have this ridiculous fear. So, I'm the first person many thought of which meant I was getting texts, Facebook posts, tagged in things on social media and it's all true. The clowns are a reality and they're here.

I almost feel like they're trying to find me, too. Let me explain.

The one news story that I did have the guts to open up was from WTEN and I saw that a clown was spotted on Sitterly Road in Clifton Park. THAT'S WHERE MY OLD TOWNHOUSE IS! Did said clowns look me up online based on my fear and are trying to find me!?

Okay. Maybe my fear is a bit extreme. But, my inhaler is only going to help my hyperventilating for so long. I can only go so many hours without sleep before I am forced to. When is the madness going to stop?!

Here's what the Saratoga County Police Department are doing. Be Safe, my friends!