Kids are quirky and Ryan is no exception. When I was a kid, I couldn't get enough pickle juice. I would drink it all of the time so I get that my little guy loves something odd.Ryan loves sour cream. I mean loves it. When we are home and have tacos we give him a separate bowl of sour cream to dip them in. Then he has chips too that he dips in the sour cream. Here's the thing, he gets bored of dipping the chips so he just winds up eating sour cream straight from the bowl. A lot of times, his bowl will be empty and on his own, he will refill it. We try and limit the amount but he just can't get enough.

Here he is enjoying sour cream at Chipotle. In their kids' meals, there are compartments for rice, salsa and sour cream. He gets a quesadilla, rice and two compartments of sour cream that he winds up eating with a spoon.

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