I have always been interested in Psychic Mediums.  the idea of being able to hear from someone who has passed is just so amazing. How much peace could someone find? It's always been one of those things I "WANT" to believe but I don't think I ever really really did, you know? Well, until today.


Today on my show as we are doing now every Thursday morning between 8:30 and 9:am we had Psychic,  Maureen Hancock on. For a couple of weeks I have listened to her connecting my listeners to people they wanted to hear from and have been hesitant to let her do a reading for me.

I joked with her that I don't know what to do because she likes people to tell her who they want to hear from to save time and help direct her to them, I said well if I say my Dad, or my Aunt I know my Mom would get very mad at me! She laughed. Later during a commercial break just before we went on the air she said, "Who is William?" (not a guy with a "W", or a Father figure.. she said WILLIAM) I said, "That's my Dad." She said well he's here to talk to you. I said well lets do it on the air.

William McMaster

I think it is very important that you know before you hear the call, a little bit about my Father and our relationship.

My Father was a warm, charming intelligent and funny man. I loved him very much. He just had a presence that made people like him. But for many reasons, depression, pain pill addiction, physical ailments etc, he was not a great Father. I know he loved me, he knows I loved him, when I was a very young child I thought he walked on water. Despite the shortcomings there were many things he taught me when he could and many times it was what NOT to do but I always wanted more than anything in life to be the Father i know he wished he could have been.

It was after he died , a few years after that I began to "feel" him in my life and I know he helped me in many ways sort of behind the scenes. I have talked to him and forgave him, and asked him to forgive me for judging him so harshly when I was too young to understand his burdens. Many times I'd say to him, "Dad I wish you see me now, and I wish you could have met the boys and that they could have known you."

Anyone who really knows me knows that since he passed away when I was 18 my life has been about making the McMaster name something that my boys would be proud of and to be the Dad that I know in my heart he wished he could have been, for me... and for him. THESE are the things that I have always known, if he ever truly "came through" to talk to me that he would talk to me about.

With all that said, here is the call that had me in tears and shaking ever since the call:

Next week, I'll let my Mom through... now SHE is something else!