In past years, Brian, Chrissy and Jess have always tried to find some of the most haunted places in the Capital Region - stay the night - and broadcast live the next morning.  This Halloween morning, we'll once again be doing our annual 'Haunted Broadcast' but with a twist, a few special guests, and we really think you're going to like it!

On Wednesday morning from 530-10am, the GNA morning show will host our annual Haunted Broadcast live in the GNA studio.  It will feature our favorite ghost hunters from NNYPRS who will share with us audio and photos from their favorite 'local haunts' and are wildly entertaining and interesting.

Our Haunted Broadcast will also feature a visit from a guest who many of you have gotten to know quite well with Brian and Chrissy over the years; Intuitive Medium Deborah Hanlon. And she'll be doing listener readings LIVE on-air!

Deborah, dubbed 'The Great One', uses her unique and special gifts as a psychic medium to contact the dead.  She's been 'wowing' listeners over the years with her uncanny ability to discuss in great detail things about your life that she channels through a deceased relative, friend or loved one.  She's good....really good!

We want this show to be as interactive and fun as possible and we encourage you to submit photos, videos, questions or anything else that we can discuss with our NNYPRS paranormal team or Deborah to

Hope your creepy commute is as much fun to listen to as it will be for us to do!


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