The village of Whitehall did something well, very Whitehall, this past July.  They adopted 'Bigfoot' as their official animal.  An alleged sighting of the mythological beast just last week has added to the intrigue and mystery surrounding the hairy creature that many have claimed to have seen, but unable to prove.  A local investigator went to the area where the supposed sighting took place and came away with some interesting data.  Is Bigfoot real? (Cue dramatic up-tempo music now!)

According to the Post-Star, a driver witnessed a 6- to 6 ½-foot black creature off of Route 4 Tuesday night at around 10:10 p.m., investigator Paul Bartholomew said.

The witness -who according to the story has asked to remain anonymous - described the animal as a large, black outline with two legs, wide shoulders and a little to no neck. It was stepping over a guardrail.

Local investigator Paul Bartholomew checked out the scene after being alerted by the witness.  He cast a footprint near where the alleged sighting took place and found a rather large and wide mark in the terrain nearby.  The imprint measured nearly 12 inches long and 5 inches wide. Check out the photographs from Paul's Facebook page for yourself.

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