GNA Plans Creepy Commute Halloween Morning
In past years, Brian, Chrissy and Jess have always tried to find some of the most haunted places in the Capital Region - stay the night - and broadcast live the next morning.  This Halloween morning, we'll once again be doing our annual 'Haunted Broadcast' but with a twist, a few…
Local Investigator: Recent Track Might Be Proof Of Bigfoot (Photo
The village of Whitehall did something well, very Whitehall, this past July.  They adopted 'Bigfoot' as their official animal.  An alleged sighting of the mythological beast just last week has added to the intrigue and mystery surrounding the hairy creature that many have claimed to have seen, but u…
Haunted Broadcast: Cohoes Music Hall [VIDEO]
Last night, we investigated all of Cohoes to see if anything is haunting the area. Both the Cohoes Music Hall and Cohoes City Hall have known to be haunted, we (with the team from NNYPRS) decided to see for ourselves.
Do You See a Ghost Here? [PHOTO]
I love this season! I love the spooky, the creepy, and the paranormal so when I saw this apparent "ghost" picture, I had to see it for myself. Do you think that's a ghost?
I Don’t Believe Ghost Stories; But Then This Happened(AUDIO)
Halloween is fast approaching and it's officially ghost hunting season. It's no big secret that  I'm forever a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal.  I may nod along and pretend, but unless I see it or experience it myself, I probably don't believe you. But then this…