You would expect to see your favorite movie stars in the Hollywood Wax Museum or some place similar.  Maybe at Universal Studios, Florida.  That would make sense.   But cities are now commemorating their favorite movie stars by putting statues up--like Robocop in Detroit.  And you think THAT'S strange?

How 'bout this?  Johnny Depp is now standing forever in the middle of SERBIA!   Then there's Rocky Balboa in Philadelphia (that makes some sense, I admit).  But Bruce Lee in Bosnia?  Yes!  Because, according to

Lee is a symbol of the fight against ethnic divisions.

OK!  If you say so.     Now if you'd like to see these wonderful works of art (sarcasm alert!), you can click here

And to finish up my sarcastic thought , you would think that there might be more statues commemorating someone in the city that actually DID something for their community, like firefighters, EMT people, military heros and the like.  People who actually worked hard to fight against ethnic divisions in REAL LIFE!

True,  movie stars are more  fun to look at and it's great for the tourist trade, but they're rewarded enough through their celebrity status and large paychecks.  Let's spread the fame around alittle bit!!!   E.O.S. (end of sarcasm)