The last time road closures and parking delays hampered the flow of traffic in a Capital Region city, our very own Jess from the GNA morning show discovered that it was a Marvel Punisher Series production that created the congestion.  The movie being filmed is anyone's guess (although we have heard rumors) but it's pretty certain that if you live or work in Troy, the road closures and parking restrictions will affect you.

According to News 10 ABC, there will be plenty of road closures and parking restrictions throughout the city of Troy Monday and continuing well into next week.  According to the report, the filming started on Sunday, and will wrap up on Thursday November 8th.

The city has issued maps of restricted streets and for a detailed list, click here.

GNA's own Jess Sims has offered some insight as to what the film in production may be suggesting that it could be an 'indie movie called “Study Abroad” that’s filming somewhere in Upstate New York'.  Although according to her blog 518 Bites and Sights , someone claimed to have seen superstar Tom Cruise at the Ruck in Troy last night.


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