Mountain Dew is getting a bit mysterious for the Halloween season. They have released the  Mountain Dew VooDew mystery flavor.  According to, the new VooDew soft drink is colorless and the taste is mysterious. Many people who have tried the Halloween mystery flavor have said it has a sweet taste like cotton candy, cream soda or even candy corn. Mountain Dew said it will reveal the flavor later this year.

You can buy Mountain Dew VooDew in stores across the country now. It was released at the end of August. You can try it for yourself to see what you think the sweet soft drink tastes like. Most people agree that in the spirit of Halloween it has a candy taste. Just what kind of candy is what tasters disagree on.

I am hoping that it's not candy corn. I really feel like that has to be worst Halloween candy on the planet. Well, those and circus peanuts. Who thought those candies were even edible, gross!

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