Morgan Evans is a really talented country music "riser" who opened up for Old Dominion Saturday night at the Palace in Albany.  He also just happens to be engaged to  Kelsea Ballerini.  When we played a little game with called Most Likely, he told us who was the messier between the two, who botches up driving directions and who is most likely to *gasp* pass gas in bed.  Did I mention he's also a really good sport?

There were a few times during our interview with him that he wished he wasn't engaged to someone as famous as Kelsea Ballerini, but he is.  And the people want to know!  Morgan is humble, down to earth, and clearly has a great sense of humor as evident by him allowing us to pry into his personal life; asking him questions about the cute couple quarrels that most people have.  Morgan Evans has a great new song out called Kiss Somebody, with a full album on the way.


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