I understand that this is a very dividing time in not only our country but we're even feeling it here locally. Yes, we have the right to free speech but should there be a line with banners like this?

I saw this sign online yesterday that mysteriously appeared on the Shaker Road overpass over Route 9. It was a banner that read "More Dead Cops." Police don't know how long that banner was up but it was quickly removed after they were notified.

News10 ABC had a quote from retired Troy Police Cpt. John Cooney who said, "They were ignorant...they put the sign on the overpass, but it’s insignificant. The police are resilient.”

Many are asking how the person who hung up the banner, once identified, would be punished. They said that the legality on this is a little murky. According to police, though other laws could be considered, this is largely the right to free speech. To be completely honest, the police are putting their lives on the line everyday to protect our communities and I'm sure one banner isn't going to get much focus from them or get them down.

Police are looking into the matter and if you do have any information on the banner and who may have hung it, reach out to the Albany Police Department.

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