Hearing that people have the mumps kind of sounds like people have smallpox or the plague. Most people get vaccinated for MMR before entering school but for some reason, vaccinations or not, there's a mini epidemic locally.

Earlier this week I wrote about the first announcement of Mumps at University at Albany but now the number that started at 3 a few days ago has been raised to 8 cases. According to the Times Union, just as before, students who have been infected by mumps have been contained and isolated. No new news as to the condition of the students but as of Monday, students who have mumps should be fine.

UAlbany was aware of the possibility that others could have been affected and took students who had not had been vaccinated off of campus. Now, with the rise in cases, UAlbany is raising their precautions. Students had until 5:00PM today to get the mumps vaccine or they would be banned from campus. Students were aware of this ban earlier this week and the school had been giving free vaccines so that students wouldn't miss upcoming exams. The ban will at least last until May 21 but may be extended is more cases are found.

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