I remember before going to school we had to get our vaccines, the MMR was the first one that comes to mind. We weren't even allowed into school, if I remember correctly, if we couldn't prove we were vaccinated for Measles, Mumps, & Rubella. Seems as if 3 students at UAlbany didn't keep their vaccines up to date.

The Albany County Department of Health has confirmed that 3 UAlbany students have the Mumps, according to News10 ABC. The school has isolated the students from campus and reports that they are no longer contagious.

According to local doctor Dr. Jim Saperstone, the Mumps part of the MMR vaccine is only 80-90% effective. Being in a situation when students are constantly surrounded by so many people between dorms, classes and halls, especially with students not taking the best care of themselves, it's just a breeding ground.

Mumps is spread via mucus and you can start to notice symptoms two to two and a half weeks after infection. Those students who haven't received the vaccine are barred from campus for the next 26 days to stop the spread of the disease. If you are one of those students, UAlbany is holding a vaccination clinic this week.

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