Beware of Moose On Adirondack Roadways
If you are planning on driving up the Northway to take a fall drive to leaf peep or go on an adventure in the Adirondacks, make sure you are on the lookout for moose on the roadways.
Misplaced Moose Moseys Through Downtown Hudson (VIDEO)
A viral clip of a wayward moose on the streets of downtown Hudson was captured by police video and has been viewed by tens of thousands.  The moose cow, appearing to be on a leisurely evening stroll, was followed by police as she innocently trotted through a residential neighborhood, leaving ma…
See the Moose on the Loose in Downtown Gloversville [PHOTOS]
Scrolling through my newsfeed today I noticed a giant moose running around in a town... I clicked on it only to see that it wasn't just any town, it was Gloversville. Crazy!
Can I confess something for a moment? Moose freak me out! I literally cannot with these giant beasts...

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