1. The MTV movie awards aired last night.  What does MTV stand for?
a - Music Television

2. You can use Uber to hail a rickshaw in India. Spell rickshaw.
a - rickshaw

3. Hilary Clinton joined the presidential race yesterday.  What two colors are her logo?
a - red and blue

4. Today would have been FDR's birthday.  And, 72 years ago . . . In 1943, he dedicated the JEFFERSON MEMORIAL.  In what city is the Jefferson Memorial located?
a - Washington D.C.

5. The Mexican flag has more colors than any other flag in the world . . . it's got 16 - what is the capital of Mexico?
a - Mexico City

6. Only two athletes have ever had their numbers retired across the entire league . . .  Jackie Robinson's number 42 is retired, and Wayne Gretzky's number 99 is retired.  What sports did Jackie Robinson play?
a - Baseball

7. What sport did Wayne Gretzky play?
a - hockey
Paul Morigi/Getty Images