A mother of a sophomore student at Shenendehowa High School stated to TWC news that if it were Hillary or Obama in the high school art project she would feel just as upset.

The project, "Expressive Faces of the President," hung in the hall way for all to see and for all to become a part of. And as a person with a Fine Arts degree, I looked at this and said, "Wow" because it has all of the factors of a true artist when all is said and done. But with that, comes criticism. With that will come awareness and publicity and feelings. A lot of feelings.

This student is getting the first taste of what it can be like to be that controversial artist in the world, gaining the attention of multiple media outlets, local and national.

What the project depicted were multiple black and white images of the same photo duplicated approximately twelve times of the President and above it said, "DRAW ON ME." So, students did. They wrote things that I'm sure you're thinking right now and they weren't good things.

The Principal of the school has spoken out to TWC News:

"Obviously it creates an emotional reaction from people. I am concerned that Fox News did not speak to me, even though I reached out to the person that wrote the article," said Shen Principal Donald Flynt. He continued to state, "I was immediately offended by it and took it down, confiscated it."

But, it was too late, it was already photographed and in a parents hands which led to its social media posting. What are your thoughts on this project?



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