Former President George H.W. Bush passed away Friday in Houston at the age of 94.

Jim McGrath, who is the spokesperson for George W. Bush, released the following statement from our 43rd President:

As far as his Presidency, the elder Bush is known for leading the country through the first Iraq War and the end of Cold war. The former President was also known for his lifelong commitment to public service; it was so much more than his terms as our President and Vice President. According to a CBS news report, he served in World War II, served Presidents Nixon and Ford in several capacities and he was a congressman. And he remained active even in his later years, in spite of dealing with several health ailments according to CBS News. 

On a personal note, I will always remember two thing about the former President: how much he loved his wife Barabara (Who passed in April) and his passion for living. June 12th was his birthday, which is also my birthday. Over the years a story about him would always pop up on that day, and it felt like he was always doing something crazy like skydiving to commemorate his landmark birthdays. I think that is a great reflection of how he loved life and got the most out of it. I imagine it was the same passion he put into public service and led to such a long commitment to serving the country.


Rest in Peace Mr. President, and thanks for your service.


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