Ashley is a hard working mom who needed a little help providing Christmas for her son named Brian. That's when the Saratoga County Sheriff's Department stepped in!  With the help of Blue Friday and Deputy Sheriff's Cooper and Carey, she was all smiles as she talked to GNA.  Hear what she had to say moments before her son was taken shopping during our 4th Annual WGNA 'Shop With A Cop' event at Crossgates Mall.

Thank you so much to our local law enforcement who take time out of their busy lives to make this event really come to life.  Each local police department picks a deserving family to take shopping and the kids have a chance to buy a few things for themselves, siblings, and parents as well.

To make a donation visit any Cap Com location and make a donation to the BLUE FRIDAY-SHOP WITH A COP account, stop the WGNA tent at any upcoming concert or appearance, or send it WGNA at 1241 Kings Road, Schenectady, NY 12303.


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