I just don't understand how some people can treat animals like this. This local story just made me so angry!

The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society found abandoned cats and kittens outside of their shelter Sunday morning. Looking back at their video footage, it showed a couple dropping off an animal carrier with two adult cats and four kittens and leaving them outside of the shelter, according to WNYT.

The animals weren't found for another two hours later, in the colder morning weather. The shelter even called it "frigid and life-threatening to such young kittens." They also noted that there have been some predatory animals on the property lately which left those cats and kittens open to be dinner.

On one hand, I'm glad that a couple who realized that they couldn't take care of these animals brought them to the proper place to make sure they're taken care of and get the best homes possible. This was just not the way to go about that.

These animals would have frozen to death, could've been eaten by coyotes, and who knows what else. All the couple had to do was wait a few hours and make sure the cats and kittens were dropped off safely. If you have an animal that you're donating to a shelter, please don't leave them outside. Animals may have furry coats on but the weather is still way to cold to leave them outside for an extended period of time!


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