How is it that I can live down the street from something and have no idea what's happening? Did anyone else not hear until now that Mohawk Harbor is looking into an aquatic center?

I read the Daily Gazette and saw the headline "Proposed Mohawk Harbor aquatic center in Schenectady gets big financial boost," and was really confused. Are there plans to build an aquatic center down the street from my house and I had zero idea about it? Apparently.

After a $3million donation, plans for the aquatic center include, "76,000-square-foot facility equipped with four pools, including a 50-meter Olympic-size swimming pool, diving well and an eight-lane programming and instructional pool." They're hoping that this center downtown will continue to bring people to Schenectady as well as giving people jobs in the process.

Though not built yet, they already have their eyes on hosting swimming competitions as well as being a "community hub" for downtown.

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