Two people in Berlin that were accused of the mistreatment of a couple of horses, have been arrested.

Horse (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

Authorities in Rensselaer County started an investigation when they received a tip regarding about the condition of the animals. The investigation included taking several pictures of the horses. Those pictures were submitted to a veterinarian. Both horses have been removed and taken to The Little Brook Farm, a rescue establishment, where they will be taken care of and led back to good health.

According to the story from CBS 6 Albany, the conditions of the horses were considered to be extremely emaciated. Officials stated that there was no fatty tissue on the horses' spine, ribs, withers, hooks and pins.

The two people that were arrested for allegedly mistreating the horses are John Vandenbosch and Terry Lafleur. They have been charged with two counts of Overdriving; Torturing And Injuring Animals, and also Failure To Provide Proper Sustenance.

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