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Rensselaer County Putting Tight Leash on Animal Abusers
There is a new advocate for abused animals in Rensselaer County. It is a new law that is on the books as a registry to keep track and prosecute those who are repeat offenders. It is also designed to keep animals out of the hands of those who have been arrested for such heinous crimes.
All Aboard The Vax Bus in Rensselaer County [PIC]
In an effort to get all New Yorkers vaccinated, Rensselaer County has come up with a creative way to promote the vaccine. The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) has wrapped the Vax Bus that will travel around the county all summer long.
12 & 13 Year-Olds Able to Hunt in Rensselaer County
A New York State program already on the books that allows twelve and thirteen-year-olds to hunt deer with firearms and crossbows. However, each county must adopt this local law. Now Rensselaer County is opting in and adopting the law.
$21K 'Take 5' Winner Sold in Rensselaer County
I love playing the lottery but lately, I think I'm playing the wrong games. It seems that more and more winners in the Capital Region of twenty thousand dollars or more are coming from the New York Lottery's Take 5 Drawing. This time a winner cashed in on a twenty-one thousand Take 5 lotte…
Poorest Places to Live in the 518 [LIST]
Last week I had the list of the richest places to live in the 518 and to be honest I was pretty surprised. Especially because the ones I expected weren't on there and the ones that were I'd never heard of. Of course, where there's a richest list there's a poorest list and here ar…

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