A viral clip of a wayward moose on the streets of downtown Hudson was captured by police video and has been viewed by tens of thousands.  The moose cow, appearing to be on a leisurely evening stroll, was followed by police as she innocently trotted through a residential neighborhood, leaving many wondering if she made it to safety.

Two cops in a patrol followed the moose and captured the video which landed on the Hudson Police Department Facebook page.  According to NYUp.com, Sgt. Shane Bower and Office Matthew Montross were working the night shift, and after a few complaint calls came in they decided to check things out.

According to the report, they captured the video from their patrol car in the middle of the night as the tipsy moose made it's way down a residential street. After closely following the off-course cow, the two officers escorted the animal to a woody area on the outskirts of town and it was said to have peacefully made it's way back into the woods.

Video from Hudson Police Department Facebook

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