There is a recall for over two million pickup trucks due to a potential fire hazard. The company is issuing the recall after a handful of complaints. Ford is recalling their most popular pickup truck in the country, their F-150. Two million trucks are being recalled because the seat belt can spark and cause a fire. According to CBS 6, the recall is for the truck models from 2015 through 2018 in North America.

The fires happened when there was a minor accident and the air bags were deployed. Shortly after sparks started inside the seat belt tightening mechanism and a fire could ignite. No one has been injured but the National Highway Safety Administration began to investigate.

Starting September 24th, F-150 owners will be notified. Dealers will remove the insulation and install a heat resistant tape to make the repairs. They will also modify the interior panels in the regular cab trucks.

To read the complete recall notification, click HERE.

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