I was at Via Aquarium over the weekend for a kids birthday party. I was amazed to see the line not only out the door but down the malls hallway. Sure, it was the beginning of school break and people were out and about keeping the kids entertained, it makes perfect sense! It also makes perfect sense that since opening their doors last November they're about to reach their 100,000th visitor!

Orange Clownfish
Stephen Chernin/Stringer, Getty Images

The best part for you, while maybe still trying to entertain those kids who are off from school this week, if you are the 100,000th visitor you could win a sweet prize! A family four pack of 2017 season tickets for the aquarium, $100 Via Aquarium gift card and $100 to the Via Entertainment arcade across the hall (which is where I shot some serious hoops on Sunday afternoon!)

They believe they'll hit this milestone this week, so pack the car up and get yourself to Rotterdam! Could be a great weekly, educational trip if you win the big prize!

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