There is nothing like a real honest to goodness home cooked meatloaf dinner. I am not afraid to say that I love it, and in the Fall it tastes the best of all.The thing that makes meatloaf awesome is that if you are creative it is never the same thing twice. You can use any leftover in the fridge and be a hero, and meatloaf involves imagination. I have gotten creative over the years and have found some unique things that really are delicious.

I once made a meatloaf with 1/2 hamburger and 1/2 ground hot Italian sausage and mixed it with a little garlic, french fried onions on the top and some left over ravioli. It was off the charts good. Get creative and make a world class meatloaf for dinner. Here's a very cool recipe. Anyone can cook, I mean anyone male or female and if you want to learn some tricks that can make you look like a rock star in the kitchen make sure you go to the Taste of Home Cooking School.

The Taste of Home Cooking School is coming October 18, 2012 to Albany, NY at the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road. Doors open at 5P and tickets are $12 and you can get them here. The last time we held this event at this location it sold out quick, so don't wait to get your tickets!