A homeowner in Massachusetts decided to get together with her kids and make a decoration for their home. Sounds cute, right? Except this decoration is an animatronic man looking like he's hanging himself.

Police in Sudbury, MA have said that they've been getting multiple calls complaining about this particular decoration asking for it to be taken down. The homeowner declined to be on camera but said:

“My hangman was built with my children; to both help them get over their own fears during the Halloween holiday, as well as learn about the relationship between computers, motors and gears. Our creation is a contemporary statement on Man’s struggles with technology in a modern society.”

I understand that it's Halloween but if you look at the other decorations in the yard, this one just doesn't seem to fit. Next to sheet ghosts looking like they're playing, pumpkins on hay barrels, and an inflatable pumpkin is a man hanging himself with legs that move on his own is this man hanging himself. Not only is that completely disrespectful to those who have committed suicide and their families but this is too much.


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