Marie Osmond is headed back to Atlantic City, New Jersey! Reporter David Kleinman has the inside scoop and exclusive interview with the Country Music and Entertainment legend.

We all know Marie Osmond is a little bit country and a whole lot more, and now through Sunday, August 11th fans can hear her belt out her best at Caesar's in Atlantic City. In Donny's absence, Marie is joined on-stage by her friend and Children's Miracle Network co-founder John Schneider and nephew David Osmond, son of former eldest Osmond Brother singer Alan Osmond. Hours before taking the stage the three consummate entertainers spoke in-person about the success the Atlantic City engagement has met with the Donny-less changes and new additions.

"It's been awesome, and I feel like we're in a rhythm now," Osmond declared. "It's getting tighter. It takes a few weeks to find, you can put all the elements in but then you get a rhythm and I think as of last night it really started clicking. After the opening and the second show it's been like smooth."

"Like gluten-free buttah!", interjected Schnieder, playfully ribbing Osmond on her new diet.

"Buttah! I was telling them, we got six standing ovations last night. Shut up! Isn't that amazing? We were like, the audiences are so nice."

It's not often that the two co-founders of Children's Miracle Network perform together, a rare treat designated for telethons, benefits and all other times of getting the word out and raising money.

"We're just south of a very big number but I know that we'll exceed it this year and that number is five billion, five billion dollars. That's one bake sale at a time, one three donation and one dollar donation and one balloon at a time," Schneider stated.

"You think what's a dollar going to do? It's going to do five billion dollars, 100% of it going to the kids so it really does make a huge difference and this year we helped over 20-something million children this year through Children's Miracle Network," Osmond proudly said.

Bringing elements of her stage show with her brother Donny in Las Vegas, Marie sings her country classics including "Paper Roses", "There's No Stopping Your Heart" and the powerful duet ballad "Meet Me in Montana".

"I love all music and I love singing songs in the original intent that the writer wrote them to be sung in. You'll see in this show, real diverse musicality. "Meet Me in Montana" was a Duet of the Year written by Paul Davis and sung by Dan Seals. We did that real country and heartfelt, that's my roots. I love country music, when I started the industry was not female-friendly, it was a male-dominated industry and country was very supportive."

Osmond showcases her range with with rock hits 'Walk This Way' and 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin', opera 'Nessun dorma', ' World Goes Round' famously sung by Liza Minelli and much more.

"'Nessun Dorma' is a power opera. It's mostly a male song, I changed a few words because I believe the power and passion is very female and so it's a based in an Asian kind of an opera so I come out in a kimono, it's fun."

It's her devotion to entertaining audiences and becoming an ever-evolving entertainer that has kept her in the spotlight for over five decades and has the fans coming back for more, time and time again.

"This was one of my favorite albums, All In Love, but you can hear vocally a difference in me over the years and I believe it's because you have to sing from an open emotional heart. I feel blessed, there's not a lot of women who can sing many genres that I love, I'll keep pushing myself til I die, til I can't do it," Osmond laughed.

The male Osmond added, "It's really amazing to watch her and having grown up around her for so many years as a family member and seeing her perform in so many genres to now see her tackle something, in the show if you come, which is opera which is something, a league of it's own. She kills it."

In a career and personal life that's taken many twists and turns Osmond's faith has never wavered, and that devotion has helped her through the tougher moments. In the recording studio she has spread her belief of a higher power musically and has extended that love to her loyal fan base.

"I went through some really tough stuff, twenty-year tough marriage and all kinds of things so the I Can Do This album (her latest solo release, an inspirational record) was my celebration to a loving God, my grace and thanks for the great plan and his love and mercy upon all of us. God is a respecter of people, he doesn't care what we do he cares how we do it and we're all here to lift each other. This world has got so competitive and nasty and negative and I just don't believe in it, I believe in love."

If You Go:
Marie Osmond
with John Schneider and David Osmond
will take the stage at Caesar's Atlantic City
2100 Pacific Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
August 5th to 10th, Monday thru Saturday, 8 p.m.
August 4th & 11th, Sunday, 1 p.m.
Tickets: $45 - $85

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