Okay, I have to be honest here, I'm severely biased when it comes to Kellie Pickler. I have has a crush on this woman since the first moment I saw her on American Idol. I am fully aware however that I am not alone. A great many Americans have loved her innocence and girl next door beauty since seeing her on that show. There is something about a person who looks at the world with wide eyed wonder and rose colored glasses.

Truth is though, she didn't win that season of Idol and really has not had a "blockbuster" career or string of hits on Country Music Radio. Yet she is still going strong with TV shows, and red carpet interviews and yes even concerts around the country.

SO tell me, does she do an awesome job on this classic song from Tammy Wynette? Now to be clear, I'm not comparing her to Tammy that would just be unfair but I think she really does a great job on the song and makes me wonder even more, why she has not had more singing success.

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