Open Line Friday has to be my favorite time of the week. Like I always say, "you never know what you're going to get!". Every week I have the very difficult task of trying to find one particular call that I can deem, "The call of the day". Sometimes it will be funny, sometimes sad or maybe just downright unbelievable. This one I liked because it was something on a listener's mind and she wanted to throw it out there as a "topic". We did get some calls about it and I thought it was worth replaying in case you missed it , and you too, wanted to comment.

It does seem like New York City has been in the forefront of making laws to "protect" their population from their own "stupidity" and they do this under the guise of public safety. I for one feel it is just outright violation of our civil rights and I do hope that at some point the American people say enough is enough. First it was smoking, then it was trans fats, then soda and now they want to tell you how to feed your baby?

I'd love to know what you think about this , and if you do support it, I would love to know what they will come after that you may actually get upset about.

Here is the call, give it a listen and tell us how you feel about it.