Katlyn Lenperle is a new mom who works at a Stewart's in Troy.  She has faced a scheduling problem at her store before, and has spoken to her supervisor numerous times about it, but nothing has been done.

On Sunday, coworker was supposed to be scheduled to come in and relieve Katlyn four and a half hours into her shift so she could pump.  But, when nobody showed up, she called her boss... After more than six hours with no additional staff, she was desperate and shut down the store to pump her breasts.

She told News 10 ABC that she warned her boss that she was shutting down the store.

The baby's dad, and Katlyn's finace Nicholas snapped a picture of the sign that Katlyn put on the door of the store, posted it, and now it's going viral.

"Will re-open in 15 min. Needed to close store due to being scheduled alone and needing to pump. Sorry."

Here's his Facebook Post -

Katlyn told News 10,

“I don’t feel like I should have to stop breastfeeding my son because there is nowhere for me to do it... Stand up and say something. There are other women out there that are going through the same exact thing and are just afraid.”

Stewarts responded with this statement -

“At Stewart’s Shops we are greatly aware of the needs of new mothers. A breakdown in communication led to her working alone for longer than intended. This is an unfortunate situation that we do regret. We have since met with the partner involved and it appears to be an isolated incident.”

Unfortunately, Katlyn isn't wrong.  Lots of other women are going through the same or similar things.  I salute her for standing up for herself, her baby, and women everywhere!  She isn't sure what will happen next for her, but we'll keep you updated on the story.

This ordeal comes just weeks after a class-action case was approved by a federal judge regarding unpaid wages for some Stewart’s Shops employees.  CLICK HERE to see more on that.

Seems to me, there might be some problems with the way Stewart's deals with some of their employees.  But, I've never worked there, so I can't be the judge.

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