I need to get something off my chest.  Please allow me to take a moment to respond to the enormous amount of reaction to a breastfeeding blog I wrote and posted on our Facebook.

After reading through the comments, I realized that my thoughts on breastfeeding were not clearly and fully expressed in the post and I understand how they could have been misunderstood. In my blog earlier, I discussed how when scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across a professional photo of a mom breastfeeding her child.  I was surprised that there was a rather large amount of breast and nipple exposed and it raised some questions about Instagram policy for me. I always assumed that Instagram would "red flag" a woman's nipple, therefore deeming the content inappropriate by their standards.  Turns out, I was wrong.

So when I wrote the blog, I did it with the mindset that I learned something.  Instagram does have very specific policies that dictate what's deemed "appropriate" or "inappropriate" when it comes to nudity, however, breastfeeding is not something they censor. That was the gist of the blog I wrote. Somehow people suggested that I find breastfeeding "offensive" or that it "should be kept private" none of which could be further from the truth.  Other's were offended that I used the word "nudity" to describe the photos.  I used that term because "nudity" is relevant when discussing what Instagram deems appropriate and not because I personally associated breastfeeding with nudity.

I'm a dad of a 2-year-old. My son's mother breastfed for a few months and I supported her every step of the way.  It was beautiful, natural, healthy, and amazing. I was completely is awe of the process in addition to all the things a woman's body does when it comes to child birth. The whole thing is incredible to me. When Brody's mom decided to no longer breastfeed (it was her personal choice) I, again, supported her every step of the way as I believe every dad should.

I'm telling you this because I don't want anyone to take away from my earlier post that I am against breastfeeding or even breastfeeding in public. I hope this clears up a few things and thank you for allowing me the time in your busy day to do so.



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