A man in Upstate New York was arrested recently for allegedly sharing private, possibly x-rated photos of his ex-girlfriend with colleagues from work in a group chat.

I'm not sure if this man's alleged misdemeanor happened while he was working, or if this was something done after hours, chatting it up with his boys from the office, but either way, it's not good - and it's certainly not legal.

According to News 10 ABC, the man who allegedly sent the nudes was 38-year-old Jeffrey Wilder, from Saugerties.  Wilder was arrested on September 18th for the alleged crime, which took place in July 2022.

Wilder was charged with unlawful dissemination of an intimate image, a misdemeanor. He was processed at Saugerties Police Headquarters and released on an appearance ticket returnable to the Town of Saugerties Justice Court. -News 10 ABC


According to the report, Wilder is due back in court in October and if he is convicted, could face up to one year behind bars for "Revenge Porn"

What is Revenge Porn?

It doesn't matter if you own the image or not, the law is the law, and a lot has changed within the last decade or so regarding privacy laws.

Referred to as “revenge porn,” simply put, it's the act of sharing an intimate photo of another individual without their consent.

What constitutes an "intimate" photo?

According to lawmakers, any “intimate" part of the body would mean “the naked genitals, pubic area, anus or female nipple of the person.”

Lawmakers in New York State say that it's "become a more common act as taking and sharing photos and videos has become easier and less expensive. The impact on those who are exposed in this manner is devastating."

In other words, posting nude, partially nude, or sexually explicit images of someone without their permission online or in this case, forwarding private photos via text would both be considered nonconsensual pornography.

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