We've some some extraordinary Halloween homes right here in the Capital Region, but this display in western New York is next level mastery.  The man who engineered this incredible mechanical spider that literally climbs down a gigantic web and hangs in front of his entire house, is a Halloween master.  It's so impressive that his work of art makes me want to travel to the Buffalo area to see it live.  Since most of us will never see it in person, I've included a few different videos so you can see it here.

I saw the story from a television station out in Buffalo, WKBW News.  According to the report, the man who built it is actually a retired engineer who used to work for the Fisher-Price toy company.  He told the news station that he started building it in May after he realized that Halloween was going to be a little bit different as a result of the pandemic.

There's so much to love about David Moomaw, the spider making man who built the amazing arachnid.  It must have cost him thousands to make, and Lord knows how many hours to build.

The spider actually crawls down the tracks of an enormous web as it moves closer to any onlooker - or prey -  that lurks in its path.  And get this, Moomaw told WKBW News that so many locals want to check it out, that people have to book times to see it.

The world needs more (slightly) evil geniuses like David Moomaw.

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