I've had some great experiences playing the piano.  I once played on a bridge that goes over Niagra Falls.  I've tinkled the ivories at the Governor's Mansion.  Even once at the Beverly Hills Hotel-but nothing like this!

I found this YouTube video at 4:30 this morning over breakfast.  The video was actually featured on the newspaper that I get on the iPad-"The Daily".

This gentleman had a lifelong ambition.  Why?  I'm not sure.  But I'll be damned.  He did it! He went to Thailand, according to the description in YouTube, hauled a piano up a hill, set it up and started playing Beethoven!   Do you think I'm kidding?

This is fantastic.  One thought, though.  Did anybody tell this guy that they make very light 88 key portable keyboards that he could have used?  I have one that is as light as a laptop.  But then again, I'm sure he wanted to be true to his initial fantasy, so more power to him.

What is your unfulfilled dream?  Would love to know!

(and I thought that playing the keyboard on a radio station at 6am was weird!)