I've been seeing a Facebook post going around of a man at Crossgates Commons making women feel really uncomfortable, even taking weird pictures of them. According to comments, she wasn't the only one.

A woman who asked that her name be removed from this article [previous versions of this article included her name -edposted on Facebook about a recent trip to Crossgates Commons where she wasn't wearing anything provocative but caught a man in his mid-50s taking pictures of her and other girls with a little camera in the parking lot. She took note of his older model, black Honda CR-V and his license plate and told the Albany Police Department. She noticed he was also following around a group of young teenage girls and wanted people to be warned.

Reading the comments, this girl wasn't the only one who noticed. Apparently he was also seen following a young girl and her mother outside of a store as well. No sketch yet has been shared but if you see a man in his mid-50s with an older looking Honda CR-V and he seems to be taking pictures of girls, please tell the Albany Police Department.

In an emergency call 911.
For non-emergency police issues please call: (518) 438-4000.

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