I can't say I blame him, however, we are in the age of the internet and wouldn't the news get out regardless? Well, I think the fact that I'm typing this, on the internet answers that question.

Joseph Talbot was arrested at the end of 2017 in Wayne County and charged with driving while intoxicated. He was also charged with refusing to be fingerprinted and it might be giggle-worthy to know he called the arresting officer an, well, I can't actually put it but it's the "A" word. He really didn't want his mugshot to get out.

It got out.

The Times of Wayne County did get their hands on his mugshot, they printed it within the paper and published it online, as well. Somehow Talbot still believed that if he purchased a ridiculous number of newspapers it would avoid being seen. He purchased nearly  1,000 papers at $1.25/each.

Good effort, I'll give him that.


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