A Connecticut man was arrested over the weekend after police say he blew up fireworks inside a local Walmart on Saturday.  Once he was apprehended inside the store, police questioned him about the incident, and what he told them might blow you away.

Thankfully no one was hurt over the weekend when a Connecticut man decided to set off fireworks inside the Wilton Walmart.

The explosive incident took place on Saturday afternoon near the electronics department at 12:20 PM according to a report from the Post Star.  Once troopers arrived at the scene, they arrested 22-year-old Leonardo Miller, of Stratford, Connectecticut.

Miller, according to the report, told officers he blew off the fireworks because he was "bored."

Authorities believe that Miller brought the fireworks in with him because Walmart doesn't sell them inside the store.  The Post Star reported that Miller was charged with second-degree unpermitted use of pyrotechnics, a misdemeanor, and disorderly conduct, a violation.

I live in Albany and if anyone has become accustomed to hearing and seeing people blow off fireworks because they're bored, it's me.  Thankfully it hasn't happened all that much as of late, but now that the weather is starting to warm up, I'm preparing for the worst.

Need to get the kids down to sleep at 8pm? Good luck if you live anywhere near Washington Park in Albany.

Gotta wake up early and prepare for your 12-hour shift at Albany Medical Center? Better grab your earplugs.

But I hear these from my couch, not from the Home, Furniture and Appliance section.  Thankfully no one was hurt inside the Wilton Walmart.

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