When someone thinks that they’re going to lose their job, all kinds of thoughts go through their mind, and for good reason. Some people think about how they are going to pay my bills or how will they feed their family. Sometimes, they may even think of ways that they would like to get even with the person, or people that the individual believes is responsible, or will be responsible for possibly loss of the job. Most of the time it’s just a thought and never goes any further. In this case, a man was accused of going one step further with ways to get even if he was laid off.


A man from Maryland was working for a private contractor, doing some electrical work at Global Foundries in Malta. New York State Police reported that 48-year-old Virgil McDonald allegedly told a supervisor about what would happened if he was laid off from his job and didn’t get health benefits and five years salary. McDonald allegedly made somewhat of a terroristic threat, stating that Global Foundries would be attacked by airplanes and hazardous chemicals would then be released.

According to the article from The Saratogian, a search of the Global Foundries plant by Global Security and New York State Police found McDonald. He was arrested by State Police Bureau Of Criminal Investigation at Saratoga and charged with Coercion in the First degree and Falsely Reporting An Incident in the second degree. After his arraignment in Malta Town Court, McDonald was sent to the Saratoga County Jail.

There was no word on why McDonald may have thought that he was going to be laid off from his job.