It could very well be according to an article I just read.  How exciting is THAT? And Samsung is involved (huh?  I thought they were competitors)  

Right before viewing the latest cat video, I happened to be reading something intelligent from   They were mentioning that the iPhone 7 is past the "dream stage" and they are planning on production in one of the two plants where Samsung does business

According to the article:

 Samsung has two main fabrication plants, in South Korean and in Austin, Texas. Given Apple’s push for ‘made in America’ I would expect much of the A9 fabrication to go to the Lone Star State (or Samsung’s partner, Global Foundries, and its facility in Saratoga Springs NY).


This is a guess on the author's part, which is why I put the title of my blog in the form of a question, but it does make sense.   There have been rumors to this effect before.

Actually, I am going to be hosting an event there on Friday.  I will see what I can find out (although I'm sure everything is held close to the chest there, but you never know)


Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

One final thought.  It is interesting that Samsung is making the chips for their competitor?.  One these days, I bet you dollars to donuts that we'll find out McDonalds supplies the meat to Burger King.