It seems that someone may be trying to collect local restaurant signs, but their method of getting them is illegal.

Cliff's Country Restaurant Sign - Google Street View

One restaurant sign was stolen earlier this year. That was on Route 9P in Malta, at Cliff’s Country Restaurant.

Pellegrino Deli And Imports Of Malta Sign - Google Street View

The other sign's disappearance happened just a few days ago at Pellegrino Deli And Imports Of Malta on Route 9.

There is an ongoing investigation being conducted by the New York State Police. One thing that happened was that the lights used to illuminate the signs was disconnected, and it is believed that is when the sign thief (or thieves) confiscated the signs.

According to the story from Newschannel 13, the sign for Cliff’s Country Restaurant was taken shortly after the business was sold. New York State Police are asking for some help, and if anyone knows anything about the stolen signs, to please give them a call at 518-583-7000.