There was a minimum wage hike that just went into effect in New York state. Now there is a fast-food chain that says it will pay one hundred thousand dollars per year salary to their managers in the Northeast. According to News 10 ABC, in an effort to attract workers and keep their current employees, Taco Bell said it will be offering store managers at certain restaurants a one hundred thousand dollar a year salary.

Yum! Brands which owns Taco Bell said it will also start offering new employees the opportunity to advance and give them more leadership experience. Taco Bell says that they will experiment with the higher salaries in select U.S. restaurants in the Northeast and the Midwest.

The company already offers general managers at company-owned Taco Bells salaries between fifty and eighty thousand dollars per year.

If you are interested in a longterm career with Taco Bell, you can apply by clicking HERE.

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