Make $100,000 Managing A Fast Food Restaurant
There was a minimum wage hike that just went into effect in New York state. Now there is a fast-food chain that says it will pay one hundred thousand dollars per year salary to their managers in the Northeast.
A Week In Albany, NY, On A $69,000 Salary
Whenever I see National websites mention one of the cities in the Capital Region, I have to click on it. This one was interesting and took someone with a $69,000 salary and figured out how they'd spend it in Albany.
New NY Bill Could Affect Your Next Job Interview
We've all been on a job interview. The stressful questions, the feeling that every word we say determines our potential future with that company. Now, there's a bill that may take one of those stressful questions away.
How Much Money Do You Need to Make to Be Successful?
How much money do you need to make before you feel like your career is successful?  Is it even about money?  Or is it about benefits, vacation days, freedom to do what you want without punching a time-clock?
According to a new survey, the average man says the salary he'd need to feel l…
How Much Should Your Mom Make?
Yesterday was Mother's Day in England, so they put out a new study on how much a mom would/should make if she got paid for everything she does.
According to new research, moms deserve a salary of $253,000 a year for all the unpaid work they do...