What do Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Luke Bryan have in common? Usually, not much, except this summer.

You already know that Luke Bryan is coming to SPAC this summer on August 19th but if you're a bit on the nerdier side, there's something else coming you may also be interested in.

SPAC has been doing this series for a little while and it's a really relaxing, different experience to see a movie. Coming up at SPAC on August 4th is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and August 11th is Star Wars: A New Hope, both featuring live music by the Philadelphia Orchestra.

I went to one of these last year when I saw the Pixar movie Ratatouille. As SPAC describes it: "a live symphony orchestra performs John Williams’ unforgettable score and Harry Potter™ soars across the big screen in high-definition." So if you're just looking for a night out under the stars, with a good movie, a relaxed atmosphere, and a great experience- grab your tickets now!

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